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Management education has a vital role to play in today's business environment, where everything changes so fast that it makes it difficult for organizations to survive the growing competition.

An MBA teaches you to look at problems and opportunities holistically. It also provides analytical frameworks, such as risk assessments, cost-benefit analyses and strategic plans, that you can apply to any problem or opportunity you encounter, whether in or beyond your area of operations. The business mindset that an MBA gives you becomes habit because you use those frameworks repeatedly in a rigorous academic environment, and you see how they can be applied in a variety of situations from one course to another.

There are many reasons to consider getting an MBA. Here are some of the most common:

Career Progression "Career Mobility"

An MBA from a top B-school helps you to make a quick transition from a mid-level role to a senior management position, where you get the opportunity to take strategic business decisions. You browse through the job descriptions of senior positions across industries, and you see that MBA is the most preferred degree, though perhaps not mandatory. It is also an industry requirement for the key positions in most of the jobs. Not having an MBA degree most of the times results into career stagnation.

Career Shift "Career Transition"

In general case it is highly unusual to seek a change from the current role or Industry; however an MBA provides a platform and an opportunity to seek a different role or transition to a different Industry or country of your choice.

Knowledge "Acquiring the right skills sets"

In the corporate world, the skill sets required to help you progress in your career will not be merely found in books or on the internet. It is those interaction and intellectual debates that you have with your professors and peers at a B-school enrich and enhance your knowledge base. The pedagogical methods employed in top schools are very innovative and effective which includes case studies, presentations, projects, research papers, industry projects, etc.

Networking means "Net Worth"

MBA from a reputed B-school gives you a great opportunity to network with smart and talented people who will hold top strategic positions in major companies or will be great business leaders someday. Thus creating a value chain in the career advancement.

Brand Equity

MBA will make you stand out differently and will set you apart from the general public. An MBA degree from a reputed B-School gives an assurance to the companies/recruiters that you have been through a stringent process of selection and indeed you are one of the best that have successfully completed the most robust and skill based curriculum required to manage the changing business landscape.

MBA - Clarity of Choice

How he gets there?

What is the right course to pursue and the major concern is, from where?

Most of the students get clarity during their graduation, whether they want to pursue MBA in the future; however, there are lots of questions that keep mushrooming, few of which are -

ADD ON Certifications

While we all understand that merely an MBA does not guarantee progress in one's career, there are list of additional skills/certifications one has to acquire to remain competitive in today's globalized world. The add-on certifications will help you enrich your professional degree and also maximize your chances of grabbing the most attractive and challenging jobs in a highly aggressive job market. These skills also ensure mobility during recession or opportunistic times.

Why Us?

In the process of finding answers to these questions, the student has to go through numerous institutes' websites, take a lot of notes, and make comparisons to find a best fit for self.

GOFORMBA.COM answers all these questions and provides a common platform, where information of all the Institutes is available at one click. All the essential information of an MBA institute - Indian and Foreign, is available on the institute's link. The institutes are listed in a way that makes it easy for the student to browse through depending on his/her parameters. We understand the need for add-on certifications hence we also offer details of various institutes that offer professional certifications like Six Sigma, Quality Control, ISO, PMP etc..

We invite you to visit our website to see it for yourself to believe what we say.